Small Businesses.

As a small business owner, one of the most important tasks you will need to undertake is paying your employees. Payroll can feel overwhelming, especially if it is all new to you. Let Avid Payroll handle all your payroll needs.

  • A single per employee fee.

  • Set up employees as hourly or salaried.

  • Withhold taxes and make timely tax payments.
  • Issue W-2s and/or 1099s at year-end.


When you are first starting your business you need to devote time to marketing, branding and expanding…not payroll!

  • Spend less time on payroll and taxes.

  • Error Free Tax Filings and Payments

  • Pay your employees by direct deposit, check or pay-card.

  • Automatically calculate employee’s wages and deductions.

Restaurants & Catering.

As a restaurant, payroll is one of your biggest expenses and time-consuming tasks. Let Avid Payroll take that off your plate with easy-to-use solutions so you can focus on other day to day tasks that will help your restaurant run smoothly and seamlessly.

  • A local team you can call, email or visit with any payroll questions.

  • Process payroll easily and accurately.

  • Provide employees with mobile access to their pay and information.
  • Track tipped wages for taxation and bookkeeping purposes.
  • Timekeeping software and apps to take all the clocking in and clocking out off your plate.

Trusted by northern Colorado’s finest companies:

Exceptional Payroll Resources.

Swipeclock Integration

Our Swipeclock integration offers a time and attendance solution that will save you time. Watch a video here

Local Team

If you have questions about your payroll, you will always be able to speak with a local Avid Payroll expert.

Employee App

The TimeWorks Plus Employee Mobile app makes it simple for employees to drop shifts, review schedules, monitor the time-off. See a demo here

HR Answerlink

Avid Payroll gives you the option of an all-in-one HR solution to help you manage your employees, create an employee handbook, and ask questions when you need help.

Paystubs & W2’s

We will provide your employee’s with their paystubs and W2’s.

Want to Learn More?

Great benefits from Avid Payroll.

Are you tired of waiting on hold to speak to someone regarding your payroll? Help is here!

  • A local, trustworthy team you can contact and speak with.

  • Direct deposit & cash cards at no additional cost.

  • Easy to use employee app available.

  • Pay as you go Workers Compensation

  • Work directly with your local account manager.

  • Online HR Solutions for your small business.

Other Payroll

  • Speaking with someone new every time you have you a payroll question.

  • Hidden fees for direct deposit and cash cards.

  • Online access to a portal only.

  • Big upfront cost for workers compensation.

  • Different people all over the world for questions and support.

  • HR services done on your own.

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