Pay your employees accurately & on time

  • Monthly, biweekly & weekly payrolls.

  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual filing obligations.

  • Payroll questions answered by a local payroll team.

  • End of year W’2s.

  • Local payroll team.

HR Solutions

All-in-one HR software

  • Employee hiring and management

  • Create a personalized employee handbook.

  • Ask HR professionals feature.

  • Paperless onboarding.

  • Remote worker management.

  • Job description libraries.

Timekeeping & Attendance

Easy integration of our timekeeping software

  • Automated PTO requests, accruals, and holiday pay

  • Mobile & desktop options for clocking in/out

  • Seamless integration into other software.

Background Checks

Simple & Affordable background screening solution

  • Simple background screening.

  • Multi-state and single state databases.

  • County Criminal searches.

  • Education & Employment Verification.
  • Social Media searches.

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Bruce Miller Testimonial

Avid has been providing payroll services and advice to us for over 7 years.

When we needed a local, trustworthy payroll provider we chose Avid Payroll and never looked back. Our payroll taxes are filed on time and we are always compliant. If we ever have questions, we can speak directly with the Avid team here in Northern Colorado.


Owner – Casa Inca

Valuable Features.


Extensive range of specialty and niche industry practices.

Avid payroll has experience running payroll with many different small businesses in many different industries. We have the knowledge to help you make informed decisions on your payroll and HR needs.

Niche industry practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically we will do paper checks for your first payroll as we need to wait to get bank approval for any direct deposit information.

It will typically take 5-10 business days . If you are a company that already runs payroll using another platform the time will vary based on the number of employees, how often they are paid. If you are new to payroll, the process is quite simple and doesn’t take long at all.

Avid Payroll works best for small to medium sized businesses – from restaurants to dentists to entrepreneurs who need help with their payroll needs.

Payment options include paycheck, direct deposit and paycard. However, some states have strict rules regarding electronic and alternative forms of payment, which must be followed.

You can have 1 employee or many.

State laws and collective bargaining agreements with unions may dictate how often a business must run payroll. If such requirements don’t apply to them, employers may choose a payroll calendar that works best for them and their employees. The most common are weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly.

By submitting your information via email or utilizing our online Employer Payroll Portal.

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